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    Austrian Airlines fliegt ab 22. Juli nach Málaga, der Geburtstadt Pablo Picassos, im südspanischen Andalusien. Die Strecke wird das ganze Jahr über zweimal pro Woche mit einem Flieger aus der Airbus 320 Familie bedient. Österreichs Heimatairline verstärkt damit das touristische Angebot. Der Flugplan eignet sich bestens für ausgedehnten Sommerurlaub wie auch für ein längeres Wochenende. „Der Nachholbedarf bei touristischen Reisen ist besonders groß, deswegen bauen wir hier unser Angebot aus“, sagt Austrian Airlines CCO Michael Trestl. „Málaga ist eine fantastische weil vielseitige Destination. Neben Strandurlaub an der Costa del Sol bietet Málaga sowie die umliegende Region mit leicht erreichbaren Städten wie Granada oder Córdoba ein tolles kulturelles Angebot, das auch im Winter sehr attraktiv ist.“ Wien – Málaga / OS 385 / 9:40 – 13:00 Málaga – Wien / OS 386 / 13:45 – 16:55 Austrian Airlines will fly to Málaga in Andalusia, birthplace of Pablo Picasso, southern Spain, from 22 July. The route will be served twice a week throughout the year with an aircraft from the Airbus 320 family. Austria's home carrier is thus strengthening its tourist offer. This includes Barcelona, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Gran Canaria and Tenerife. The flight schedule is ideal for extended summer holidays, as well as for a longer weekend trip. “The demand for tourist travel is particularly high, which is why we are expanding our range in destinations”, says Austrian Airlines CCO Michael Trestl. “Málaga is a fantastic destination because it is versatile. In addition to beach holidays on the Costa del Sol, Málaga and the surrounding region with easily accessible cities such as Granada or Córdoba offer a great cultural program that is also very attractive in winter.”
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    Dear Pilots, next Saturday, June 19th 2021, from 1000z - 2300z, a Cross the Pond Lite event will take place on VATSIM Network. Vienna Schwechat (LOWW) is one of the Destination-Airports and therefore it will be a Focus Airport during the event. So start your engines and fly from or to Vienna. You will earn the double amount of your earned pirep points as reward. More Information about the Event can be found here happy landings ....
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    St. Petersburg, die am nördlichsten gelegene Millionenstadt der Welt, ist sehr bekannt für seine berühmten Weißen Nächte (Beliye Nochi) – ein atmosphärisches Phänomen, das von Ende Mai bis Mitte Juli auftritt. Während dieser Zeit sinkt die Sonne nur sehr wenig unter den Horizont, so dass der Himmel selbst nachts von einem Licht, das einem Sonnenuntergang ähnelt, beleuchtet wird. From late May to the middle of July the nights are bright in St. Petersburg, with the brightest period, the White Nights, normally lasting from end of May to the middle of July. The White Nights (Beliye Nochi) are a curious phenomenon caused by St. Petersburg's very northerly geographical location. St. Petersburg is the world's most northern city with a population over 1 million, and it stands at such a high latitude that the sun does not descend below the horizon enough for the sky to grow dark.
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    If you ask a Swede what traditional feast he or she loves the most, rest assured the answer will be Midsummer Eve – you can forget about Christmas or New Year’s Eve. For centuries, Swedes have celebrated this day with great celebrations throughout the bright Nordic summer night. On Midsummer Eve, Swedes meet up with friends and family to celebrate the arrival of summer. The party always takes place outdoors, and usually starts with a lunch consisting of herring with new potatoes (even though the kids often insist on hot dogs instead of herring) followed by fresh strawberries with whipped cream.
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    Dear Pilots, we kindly invite you to our Event called "Single Runway Operations"! This means instead of operating one runway for departures and one for arrivals, we will see departures and arrivals on a single runway. This also provides safety improvements, such as active runway crossings (especially for Zurich). When traffic is beyond our capacity, we for sure will open another runway to minimize delays on arrival and departure. Take your aircraft out of the hangar and be ready for Single Runway Operations. We are looking forward to seeing you in Austrian and Swiss skies. ATC coverage will be guaranteed flying the IVAO network, please feel free to fly VATSIM or offline as well, you will be granted the bonus points anyhow.
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    Summer has not officially started, but two weeks in advance you will have the chance to enjoy the first summer feelings either in Austria or in Greece. Fly between the "Island of the Winds" better known as Mykonos and one of the world's most liveable cities Vienna. We invite you to join this Dual-Way-Airbridge. Take your aircraft out of the hangar and give the controllers some work to do.
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    Looking for a challenge? Longing for breathtaking scenery along the way? A fan of busy events? VACC-Austria invites you to their event series Alpine Approaches! This time we will focus on the RNP Z RWY33 approach in LOWS Salzburg! FULL ATC will be provided for the whole evening, from 1600-2000z Join the event and grab a spot in the sequence down this spectacular approach! We recommend loading some holding fuel, as the airspace will be filled up quickly! And study the charts in advance of course.
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    Also this year the VACC-Austria and Dutch VACC are organizing their annual Amsterdam – Vienna CityXchange. Fly in both directions with 4 hours of busy airspace and full ATC across Europe! Looking forward to making the VATSIM airspace busy again. Have fun!
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    Austrian Airlines wechselt ab 1. Juni nach Mailand-Linate Ab 1. Juni fliegt Austrian Airlines zum zentrumsnahen Linate Airport. Für Passagiere ergeben sich dadurch bedeutend kürzere Fahrzeiten vom und zum Flughafen. Das Mailänder Stadtzentrum ist innerhalb einer halben Stunde öffentlich erreichbar. Vor allem Geschäftsreisende aus Mailand bevorzugen den zentrumsnahen Linate Airport. Ab Juni stehen zwei Flüge pro Tag auf der Strecke nach Wien zur Verfügung, einer morgens, einer abends. Mailand-Malpensa wird ab 1. Juni zugunsten von Linate nicht mehr angeflogen. Auf der Strecke wird ein Mix aus Embraer 195 sowie Flugzeugen der A320 Familie zum Einsatz kommen. Abflug/Ankunft täglich (Lokalzeiten) Wien/Mailand Linate OS 491 08:05 - 09:30 OS 497 17:45 – 19:10 Mailand Linate/Wien OS 492 10:15 - 11:45 OS 498 19:55 – 21:25 Austrian Airlines flies to Milan-Linate from 1 June From 1 June, Austrian Airlines will be flying to Linate Airport, which is close to the city center. This will result in significantly shorter travel times for passengers to and from the airport. Milan's city center can be reached by public transport within half an hour. Business travelers from Milan in particular prefer Linate Airport. From June, two flights a day will be available on the route to Vienna, one in the morning, one in the evening. Milan-Malpensa will no longer be served from 1 June in favor of Linate. A mix of Embraer 195s and A320 family aircraft will be used on the route. Departure/Arrival daily (Local time) Vienna/Milan-Linate OS 491 08:05 a.m. - 09:30 a.m. OS 497 05:45 p.m. – 07:10 p.m. Milan-Linate/Vienna OS 492 10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. OS 498 07:55 p.m. – 09:25 p.m.
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    30 Jahre Jubiläum von Austrian Airlines in der Ukraine Austrian Airlines fliegt ab 17. Mai nach Zaporizhzhia in der Ukraine. Die Strecke ist erstmals im Angebot und wird dreimal pro Woche mit einer Embraer 195 bedient. Eine Aufstockung auf eine tägliche Verbindung ist im Laufe des Sommers geplant. Österreichs Heimatairline verstärkt damit die Präsenz in der Ukraine. Neben Zaporizhzhia sind schon jetzt Kiew, Lemberg und Odessa im Programm. Die Ankündigung der neuen Strecke fällt an einen besonderen Tag. Denn im April 1991 flog Austrian Airlines mit Kiew zum ersten Mal in die Ukraine. 30 years Austrian Airlines in Ukraine Austrian Airlines will fly to Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine from May 17th. The route is being offered for the first time and will be served three times a week with an Embraer 195. An increase to a daily connection is planned in the course of the summer. Austria’s home carrier is thus strengthening its presence in Ukraine. In addition to Zaporizhzhia, the program already includes Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa. Today’s announcement of the new route comes on a special day. In April 1991, Austrian Airlines flew to Ukraine for the first time. The destination was Kyiv.
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    Another Expedition is around the corner! Along with vACC Austria, the Emirates vACC is proud to present The Expedition - Dubai to Vienna! Close your flight deck door and get ready to experience the changing scenery from the ultra-modern city of Dubai to the rich cultural center of Vienna. Join us on Saturday, 17th April, and depart Dubai (OMDB) between 1130z and 1430z. Whilst you enjoy en-route ATC over the Middle East & Southern Europe, Vienna (LOWW) will be preparing to give you a very warm welcome between 1700z and 2000z. Take your favorite jet out for 5 hours & 40 minutes cruise, and add some extra fuel as you get stacked up for the busy arrival into your destination! All controllers at Dubai, Vienna, and all the sectors in between are looking forward to your flight! See you there!
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    Ob ein kurzer Städtetrip über das Wochenende oder eine ausgedehnte Urlaubsreise – die italienische Hauptstadt ist immer eine Reise wert. Denn die beeindruckende und lange Geschichte der Stadt scheint an jeder Ecke greifbar zu sein. Begeben Sie sich auf die Spuren der alten Römer und genießen Sie die traditionelle italienische Küche. Once known as the Capital of the Modern World, Rome is still a highly visited destination for travelers of all ages. Walk down the streets that Julius Caesar walked and visit the baths that citizens and commoners alike frequently used. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and indulge in world-famous Italian cuisine, and taste the fine wines that only the Italian vineyards can offer!
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    As spring has finally arrived, let's get out of the cold weather and enjoy some sunshine in the Italian north. Join us for "Cross the Alps", with 3h of full ATC at LIMC (Milan Malpensa), LIPZ (Venice Tessera Marco Polo) , LOWS (Salzburg) and LOWG (Graz). This is a VATSIM only Event!
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    Im März und April feiert der Frühling seine Rückkehr in die Hauptstadt Frankreichs. Zeit für einen Besuch in Disney World mit anschließendem Candle Light Dinner auf der Seine. In March and April spring returns to the capital city of France. Time to visit Disney World followed a Candle Light Dinner on the Seine.
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    VATSIM UK and vACC Austria are excited to announce their Ski Shuttle! Depart Birmingham between 1600-1800z with a full load of passengers and ski gear for a snowy Salzburg, then turn around and make the return trip back! You can expect ATC at both ends for the outbound and returns legs so make the most of it!
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