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  1. until
    Alle Jahre wieder kommt.. das Finally Austria! Und somit ist es auch dieses Jahr schon bald wieder soweit, dass wir euch im Namen der vACC Austria zu unserem Event-Highlight eines jeden Jahres einladen dürfen! Weitere Details und Routen findet ihr hier: https://www.vacc-austria.org/?page=content/event&idevent=342
  2. until
    VATSIM UK and the vACEPG invite you to 3 hours of London staffed from Live! Join us on the 13th of August for an afternoon of London as real as it gets - expect coverage at all of London's major airports from controllers sat side by side at VATSIM UK's in-person event, VATSIM UK Live! This event certainly won't be one to miss, and we're excited that our friends at the vACEPG will bring multiple
  3. until
    vACEPG and VATSIM Germany invite you to Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (EDDB) and Düsseldorf International Airport (EDDL) on June 12th from 15:00z to 20:30z. Join us and enjoy more than 5 hours of excellent ATC service. You can fly routes connecting the two airports, or you can decide a destination where you'd like to go, there is space for everyone and enough time to do more than 1 leg. Make sure to have a look at the charts and briefings as we expect this to be a busy one!
  4. until
    Enjoy a turnaround in Stockholm Arlanda airport.
  5. until
    Hello pilots, vACEPG and VATITA welcome you to our brand new event: Rome Overload. Join us on May the 15th and fly in/out of the very busy LIRF. Would you maybe prefer to take your time? Then fly to LIRA. Have a look at the provided briefing before flying and remember to "Continue Standard 1" , if asked by a controller. See you all on May the 15th, let's conquer Rome.
  6. Wir haben ab jetzt auch die F14 als Staffelmuster 👍
  7. Hier haben all eure Euro Truck und American Truck Sim Bilder Platz
  8. Hier könnt ihr eure DCS Screenshots teilen
  9. Gruppen Mining mit @Christian Gullneritz und @Rene Billiani
  10. Hier ist Platz für eure Screenshots aus dem Verse. 🚀🌔
  11. Wenn jemand ein schönes Titelbild für diesen Club beisteuern will, dann her damit. 😉
  12. Sonnenaufgang in Aberdeen Star Runner vs. Prospector
  13. Abschlussessen im China Restaurant
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