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  2. Safety First # 1 / Januar 2005 -Editorial -News -Go-Arounds in Addis Ababa due to VOR Reception Problems -The Importance of the pre-Flight, Flight Control Check -A320 In-flight thrust reverser deployment -Airbus Flight Safety Manager Handbook -Flight Operations Briefing Notes Quelle: https://safetyfirst.airbus.com/ safety_first_01.pdf
  3. Von ESSA zurück nach LOWW
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  6. FAST # 1 / 1983 - Welcome Letter - Fuel saving: Part 1 - Pitch damper improvements - Digital Auto-Flight - Convertible in Action - Airbus Field Service information - UP. UP in a balloon Quelle: https://www.airbus.com FAST01.pdf
  7. Threshold - A320 Type Rating (ENGLISH) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpAtDbMCCMrvic0xNyGtKVADdkjDg0W4R
  8. @Sergei Lobuzko: Marvellous pictures!
  9. wow the photos are great 😍
  10. So, my 5 cents to the AIRBUS family honor😎
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    Jeden Sonntagmorgen lockt der Hamburger Fischmarkt tausende Besucher aus Hamburg und der ganzen Welt an die Elbe. Wer dabei sein will, muss früh aufstehen – aber es lohnt sich: Mit seiner langen Tradition, seinem maritimen Charme und den schlagfertigen Marktschreiern macht der Hamburger Fischmarkt in Altona den Wocheneinkauf für jung und alt zum Erlebnis. Every Sunday morning the Hamburg Fish Market attracts thousands of visitors from Hamburg and around the world to the Elbe. If you want to be there, you have to get up early - but it's worth it: With its long tradition, maritime charm and
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  13. Juhu, der Mond ist zurück im Xplane 😍


  14. Pilot Simulator Training - Professionelle Ausbildung durch einen Berufspiloten (DEUTSCH) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2w0T86YtTdL5XMyaoed41g
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    The controllers of Austria, Sweden and Denmark welcome you for a shuttle between LOWG, LOWK, LOWS, EKBI, EKYT, ESKS and ESSD on Saturday 27 February between 16-21z. Take your favorite aircraft and explore some of the airports and what the neighbourhood has to offer. No matter what pair you choose to fly between, we will assure that you experience full enroute coverage together with all featured aerodromes staffed. Please make sure that you have your charts onboard to make it a more smooth event. We hope to see you on Saturday 27 February!
  16. We are a small german speaking F/A-18 squadron and looking for new pilots. Basically everyone above 18 with a good sense of humor is welcome. For detailed information please checkout our website https://www.tomcatters.net or join our discord server https://discord.gg/ep9tS9GFMr
  17. Vielleicht ist der ein oder andere von euch auch im DCS aktiv, dann können wir uns hier austauschen und gemeinsam etwas planen.
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