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    Enjoy two greek islands with full ATC. LGIR and LGRP will be available
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    vACC Austria, VATITA, VATSIM UK, VATSIM Germany and vACEPG kindly invite you to Europe Link up. On April 16th join us as we fly to some of Europe's best and busiest airports, atc times as follows: 13:00z-17:00z full atc in LIRF 13:00z-17:00z full atc in LOWW 14:00z-18:00z full atc in EGCC 16:00z-20:00z full atc in EDDF Make sure to read the briefings, have a look at the charts and bring extra fuel, we expect this to be a very busy one! Airport charts and briefings: LOWW: Charts + briefing: https://www.vacc-austria.org/?page=content/chartlist&icao=LOWW https://downloads.vacc-austria.org/Documents/Briefings/2019_VIE_Briefing_V1.3.pdf LIRF Briefing: https://www.vats.im/it/LIRFBrief EGCC Charts + briefing: https://www.vatsim.uk/airports/EGCC EDDF Briefing: https://vatsim-germany.org/pilots/aerodromes/EDDF
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    When the rest of Germany is still asleep, the capital's airport Berlin Brandenburg is already wide awake. On 12th February 2023 from 0500z to 0900z, RG Berlin invites you to a flight to and from Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. Complete ATC coverage and the implementation of the real-world schedule is waiting for you! Another unique feature of this event is that you can book one or more flights from our booking system with over 75 flights available! Therefore, we kindly ask you to book as many flights as you wish. So get your booking now and enjoy professional ATC coverage in the morning! Slot Booking is available here
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    Virtual Airline Collective Event Planning Group (vACEPG), with their VA members and Bulgaria vACC (BGVACC) are kindly inviting you to the “Let`s Go Skiing“ event at Sofia airport (LBSF) on 18/12/2022 from 15:00 to 20:00 z time. Sofia airport will open its stations for 5 hours to welcome all real winter traffic and provide professional and kind ATC service. We kindly ask all pilots to get familiar with the pilot briefing document (see attachment), which will help them with the specifics of the airport. Sofia airport has one runway in use and is surrounded with highly mountainous terrain, in case of heavy traffic the published holding procedures will be in use. Sofia_LBSF_Pilot_Briefing.pdf
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    Unser Adventkalender ist nun verfügbar. Entdecke jeden Tag eine neue Destination mit extra Bonuspunkten. https://vamsys.io/events
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    Winter is here, and with that our beloved fog! In collaboration with vACPEG we invite you to Milano winter ops! Come fly in Milano and test your instrument flying skills! Expect low visibility procedures!
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    Alle Jahre wieder kommt.. das Finally Austria! Und somit ist es auch dieses Jahr schon bald wieder soweit, dass wir euch im Namen der vACC Austria zu unserem Event-Highlight eines jeden Jahres einladen dürfen! Weitere Details und Routen findet ihr hier: https://www.vacc-austria.org/?page=content/event&idevent=342
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    VATSIM UK and the vACEPG invite you to 3 hours of London staffed from Live! Join us on the 13th of August for an afternoon of London as real as it gets - expect coverage at all of London's major airports from controllers sat side by side at VATSIM UK's in-person event, VATSIM UK Live! This event certainly won't be one to miss, and we're excited that our friends at the vACEPG will bring multiple
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    (DE | deutsch) Liebe Community! Wir laden euch ein, eure Passagiere von der österreichischen Hauptstadt Wien (LOWW) in den Südwesten auf einer der frequentiertesten Touristeninseln Europas - Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) - zu fliegen. Umgekehrt oder sogar in beide Richtungen einmal. Am Samstag, den 06. August 2022 laden wir, die vACC Austria und VATSPA, euch ein, von 17:00 bis 21:00 Uhr bei unserem sommerlichen Event gewohnt guten ATC Service zu genießen! Wir bitten alle Piloten, die folgenden Routen zu verwenden, um einen guten Verkehrsfluss sicherzustellen: LOWW-LEPA: OSPEN DCT ABRUK DCT SETAL DCT DETSA DCT ADOSA DCT PIDAD DCT TALEP UN850 BALEN UT250 RIXOT LEPA-LOWW: MEROS UN853 LUMAS UM985 EKSID M985 NOSTA NOPMU NOBMI MALUG ABTAN ABTA1W (EN | english) Dear Community! We invite you to fly your passengers from the Austrian capital Vienna (LOWW) to the southwest on one of the busiest tourist islands in europe - Palma de Mallorca (LEPA). The other way round or even in both directions once. On Saturday, 06th August 2022 we, the vACC Austria and VATSPA, would like to invite you to enjoy our ATC service at our event from 17:00 to 21:00! In order to ensure an efficient flow of traffic, please use the following event-routes: LOWW-LEPA: OSPEN DCT ABRUK DCT SETAL DCT DETSA DCT ADOSA DCT PIDAD DCT TALEP UN850 BALEN UT250 RIXOT LEPA-LOWW: MEROS UN853 LUMAS UM985 EKSID M985 NOSTA NOPMU NOBMI MALUG ABTAN ABTA1W
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